Yip Siu Chung

Yip siu chung is a well-known music producer in Hong Kong. He has been engaged in composition, lyrics, arranging, music production, TV and film scoring, commercial soundtrack and concert music director for nearly 20 years. He is good at diversified music. He used to be Jam Hsiao, Stephanie Cheng, Kay Tse Many famous singers such as On Kay, J Arie and Alfred Hui Ting Hang have composed pop songs and published more than 200 works. Currently the creative director of The Dummy Production, a multimedia production company.

Comming Soon

Floor Price

3.8E-8 ETH

Some of Yip Siu Chung’s NFT will be airdropped to our early adopters and supporter through pre sale. Our main focus is on sustaining the value of art and music industry, providing support to artists, creators and collectors through NFT world.