Snow Chong

     Snow Chong (Chong Shuet) is a Hong Kong sand painting artist. she went to Austria to study sand painting art. She focused on creating comprehensive sand paintings with original musical elements. She has been invited as a guest performer many times. Production of sand paintings on large-scale programs such as “Tang Dynasty Art Exhibition of the City University of Hong Kong” and “Happy East China”. 

      With the aim of innovation,  Snow Chung opened up the local wedding sand painting market in 2018, replacing traditional growth clips with sand painting wedding growth videos, which was highly acclaimed. In the same year, she also opened up the early childhood education market and served as a mentor for many kindergartens, universities, primary schools, and institutions to cultivate more artistic talents.

Comming Soon

Floor Price

3.8E-8 ETH

Some of Snow’s NFT will be airdropped to our early adopters and supporter through pre sale. Our main focus is on sustaining the value of art and music industry, providing support to artists, creators and collectors through NFT world.