PATRICK LUI COLLECTION AVAILABLE NOW! Additionally, all Patrick Lui NFT holders will receive invitation to an EXCLUSIVE auction event at 70% SOLD

How it works?

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Some of Patrick Lui’s NFT will be airdropped to our early adopters and supporter through pre sale. Our main focus is on sustaining the value of art and music industry, providing support to artists, creators and collectors through NFT world.

10 %

We are putting large focus on our social media, discord and connections in media and entertainment business in order to ramp up the project and send Patrick Lui’s holder to space

21 %

Special events& gallery collaboration with several artists and KOL under the support of WNFT will be hold. Spoiler alert! Patrick Lui will be holding one of the first few NFT concert and NFT CD album& vinyl record

41 %

A limited & VIP collection line will launch. Expect everything from the 37yrs of Patrick’s music career. From guitar pick to microphone, t-shirt to iconic concert costume for your satisfaction. Our designing team have been hard at work and have designs done and ready to rock and roll! Although VIP collection is available now to public, this drop will exclusively be for Patrick lui’s NFT holders

71 %

A 10% donation fund will be establishing with the support from our awesome sponsor WNFT and supporters. We all agreed to give back to our community and family, our mission with Patrick Lui & WNFT is to elevate all the artists and creators that are looking for directions and support within entertainmenft industry and NFT world

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Community grant fund of 10% is launched. Create, design, develop values for our entertainment industry (extra utility for Patrick, additional art, collections, etc.) and receive funding from WNFT team. Building out the longevity and community is our #1 priority. We strive to make a long term and significant impact. #PatrickLui